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The quality of our treatments and service is incomparable.

In addition, our nail artists have a rich imagination and offer the most unusual nail art, patterns, and designs. This approach allows you to complement any style, from a working girl to a fashionista, with nail art on your nails.

 Manicure is not only an interesting and well-thought design but also the use of a special technique with the help of special equipment. Manicure saves time, and the result exceeds all expectations! Fast, comfortable, and efficient.

Dead skin and cuticles are easily removed without damaging the skin's surface. A manicure can be performed with regular nail polish or gel nail polish. The most well-known and requested manicure is the one with gel nail polish. The application of gel nail polish also has its particularities which consist in applying a thicker base layer to strengthen the nail and correct defects in the surface of the nail. The gel nail polish is placed very close to the cuticles, or even “under cuticles,” which delays the appearance of regrowth and allows you to enjoy your impeccable manicure between 2 and 5 weeks.


To get the perfect result and not damage your nails, you should do your manicure only by qualified specialists. We are using only sterile instruments.

Our nail technicians have rich experience in performing the technique of manicure and the perfect application of gel nail polish.







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